Rules and Regulations

 REGAL RESORT RULES AND REGULATIONS                                   

  1. Children are not allowed to drive golf carts. Do not let children sit in your lap to drive a golf cart.  Drivers of golf carts must have a driver’s license.


  1. Premises must be kept free of trash and other debris.  Your camper and deck needs to be kept clean and neat.  Trash cans must be kept covered.  Take garbage in bags to the dumpster.  The trash can at the bath house is not for household garbage.  Yards and streets must be kept free of toys, hoses, bikes, etc.  Do not leave anything in the yard to hinder mowing.  Paving stones must be even with the grass.


  1. Golf carts, jet skis, boats, and motorcycles must be kept on paving stones.  They must not hinder the mowers or trimmers.  Check with Ronald before placing stones.  Keep your golf cart locked up with a chain but do not put chain around a tree.


  1. Golf carts, storage units, etc. CANNOT be placed between campers. In emergency situations, first responders must be able to move freely between campers.  There must be ten feet between all campers/decks.


  1. ALL campers and decks must be underpinned with vinyl. Decks and underpinnings must not cover water and sewer lines, clean-out valves or sprinkler heads.  You will be responsible for any cost associated with your deck or underpinning to be removed and replaced if this occurs.  No wood is allowed to be used for an awning about the rails of the deck.  It must be all metal or vinyl.


  1. Management must approve storage buildings, decks, and underpinnings. And any other additions.


  1. Nothing can be built under, beside, or attached to the meter shelters.


  1. All vehicles must be parked completely on the RV site. No part of the vehicle can be on the street.  Vehicles MUST NOT restrict the flow of traffic on the streets.  All washing of boats, cars, etc. must be done on your lot.  NOT in the street.  All vehicles must have a Regal sticker or a visitors pass.


  1.  Please park on your lot only not someone else’s lot.


  1. Decks must be at least 8 inches off the ground and NOT larger than the square footage of your camper. DECKS CAN ONLY BE SIX FEET WIDE NOW!  White Lake town ordinance.  Decks cannot have any wood above the railing; only metal or canvas awnings.  You must get approval to build ANYTHING from the Regal and you must follow the building codes of Bladen County and the Town of White Lake.


  1. The parking lot is for excess parking only. No trailers of any kind are allowed in the parking lot.  Any vehicle that does not have a Regal sticker or a visitor’s pass will be towed from the park or the parking lot at the owner’s expense.


  1. Pets must be on a leash with the owner at the other end! They cannot be left on decks or tied outside.  When you pet is walked, you must clean up after your pet and avoid other renter’s yards.  No exceptions.  We have provided bags for your pet at the front entrance and behind the parking lot across the street.  WE PREFER THAT YOU USE THE AREA BEHIND THE PARKING LOT OR BEHIND THE GO CART TRACK FOR YOUR PET TO DO THEIR BUSINESS.  Do not let your pet use the bathroom on the waterfront or the play areas.


  1. Geese and ducks are not pets. DO NOT FEED THEM!


  1. Barking dogs are a nuisance to other guests in the park. Please keep your dog from barking.  If you cannot keep your dog from barking, your lease will not be renewed.


  1. Alcoholic beverages cannot be displayed in the park. Use a cup or a coozie.


  1. No glass or glass containers are allowed on the beach area or the pier.


  1. Bikes, skates, scooters, golf carts and pets are prohibited on the pier.


  1. The swimming area is to the right of the main pier and boating to the left. No boats in the swimming area.  NO DIVING FROM ANY PART OF THE PIERS!!!  The water is too shallow for diving.  There are no lifeguards.  Swim at your own risk.


  1. The parking area at the waterfront is for golf carts and bikes only. No cars or boat trailers are allowed to park at the waterfront.


  1. Place cigarette butts in the butt containers placed at the office, the bathhouse, and the entrance to the main pier. Do not throw them on the ground.


  1. Firearms, bows & arrows, BB guns and other types of weapons are not allowed in the park.


  1. Quiet time is from 11 pm until 7:00 am.  Please be courteous to your neighbors.  Your children should not be out by themselves after 11 pm.  Kids should be at their campers during quiet time.


  1. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests. When you have guests at your camper, please do not have loud music or conversation, especially during quiet time (11 pm – 7:00 am).  This includes doors slamming, cars and trucks (especially diesels) idling.  Guests are not allowed unless the owner of the camper is present in Regal Resort.


  1. The speed limit is 5 mph. Watch for children and people walking in the street.


  1. Refrigerators are not allowed to be kept on decks. This is a White Lake Town ordinance.


  1. Anyone who disrupts the harmony of the park with drunkenness, fighting, using foul language or has a disregard for the rules of Regal Resort shall be grounds for termination of lease and immediate expulsion from the park. See your lease.


  1. Lease must be paid in full by May 31. If not, there will be a $250.00 late fee per month and you will not be allowed on the property.  Water, sewage, and electricity are not included in your lease.


  1. Do not pour or put liquids, food, oil, cigarette butts, or anything else down the storm drains. These drains go directly into the lake.  Don’t pollute!


  1. Keep bathhouses and laundry room clean. Other people will use after you do.  Please keep lent filters clean so a fire will not occur.  No smoking allowed inside these areas by order of the Fire Marshall.


  1. Know where your children are at all times. Children must play at the waterfront or the street where their camper is located after dark.  Do not allow children to play on the main street or near the highway.  Please leave the perimeter of the park for adults who like to walk or ride bikes without putting anyone in danger.


  1. We mow the grass and take care of the trees. DO NOT TRIM THE TREES.  We ask that you take care of your flower beds.


  1. If you rent a pier or buoy space you must follow the regulations that are posted in the office.


  1. All buoys must have the buoy number on it. Make sure your chain is stainless steel.


  1. Boats and jet skis cannot be tied to the trees or the retaining wall.


  1. Big floats are not to be left in the lake. They must be between the swimming pier and Ms. Janie’s pier.


  1. Tents are not allowed at the waterfront. Umbrellas only.  All belongings such as chairs, toys, umbrellas, etc. must be removed daily by 9 pm.  You may set-up after 7 am.


  1. If you decide to sell your camper, you must list your camper/mobile home in the office. The for sale sign fee is $100.00 (section 13a of your lease).  All perspective buyers must be approved by the management of Regal Resort before the sale of any camper is finalized.  If not, the camper must be removed immediately.  Buyers are responsible for a $200 processing fee.  Mobile homes:  $400 processing fee and $225 for the first month’s rent.  You must have your camper inspected by a professional and the report it to be given to the office for perspective buyers to review.




  1. Renters are responsible for abiding by all rules and regulations that are posted and that are included in your lease. If the rules and regulations are not followed, we will have no choice but to terminate your lease and your camper will have to be removed from the park.


  1. NO FISHING IS ALLOWED ON THE SWIMMING PIER OR THE JET SKI DOCK. If you fish on the boat pier, clean up all your trash and bait.  Stay far away from the boats.