Regal Resort Contract for campers

Regal Resort RV Site Contract


This contract made and entered into this the 17th day of June, 2017 between Regal Resort, Inc., hereinafter referred to as “Lessor” and

_______________________ here in after referred to as “Lessee.”




  1. Recreational Vehicle Space:  Lessor hereby rents to Lessee and Lessee hereby leases from Lessor the Recreational Vehicle Space designated as

Lot #________________ hereinafter referred to as the “RV Site.”

  1. Rent: The rent to be paid by Lessee shall be $________ for the period of June 1 to May 31 – due no later than May 31 of each year.   This lease automatically renews each year.  In future years the amount of the rent may be increased and the lessee will be notified of any increase by letter.
  2.  A $200.00 processing fee is required for new tenants or other camp site, which shall be due and payable at the inception of this lease.

Lessor’s obligations:  Lessor shall provide common area facilities and site utilities as follows:

  1. Underground wiring to the RV site for electricity, telephone, and cable TV.
  2. Utilities are not included.
  3. Laundry room and Bath House are for the use of all park residents and guests.
  4. Lighted streets and pier access.
  5. Controlled gate access to the park and the parking lot.
  6. Trash Dumpsters.
  7. Lessor will cut the grass, trim the trees, and spray for weeds and insects as needed.
  8. Lessee’s Obligations: Lessee shall pay for all utility connections, permits and monthly utility charges and agrees to maintain and use the RV site as follows:
  9. The premises shall be kept free of trash and other debris.
  10. Flowerbeds can be planted by the Lessee and must be maintained by the Lessee. If not maintained, the flowerbeds will be removed.
  11. Appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, etc. are not allowed to be put on decks. (This is a White Lake Town Ordinance).
  12. Pets are permitted provided they are kept inside the RV. Pets cannot be left outside by themselves either on the deck or in the yard.  No pets shall be chained or tied outside the RV.  Fences are not allowed.  Pets must be on a leash when outside the RV.  Lessee is responsible for the cleanup of their pet’s defecation while outside.   There are designated areas for the lessee to take a pet to relieve themselves.  DO NOT allow your pet to defecate in someone else’s yard.  Pets are NOT permitted on the piers.  Do not let your pet use the bathroom at the waterfront grassy area or at the entrances to Regal Resort.
  13. RV site may not be used for loud parties or congregations of people inside or outside of the RV. Loud music and other loud, disturbing noises are prohibited.
  14. No glass or glass containers shall be allowed on the piers or the public beach area.
  15. The display of alcoholic beverage cans, bottles, or containers is prohibited in the park. You are allowed to use a cup or a coozie.
  16. Lessee is responsible for the conduct of his guests and Lessee shall enforce an 11:00 PM curfew for all of Lessee’s children or guest under the age of 12 years old. In addition, guests using Lessee’s RV must check in at the office prior to using the premises.
  17. Decks must be at least 8” off the ground. The White Lake Town Code must be followed when building decks and a permit must be obtained.  A site plan must be drawn and approved by the Lessor before the permit can be obtained.  Water lines, sewer  lines, clean out valves, etc. must not be covered by decks.
  18. All permanent additions to Lessee’s RV must be approved in writing by Lessor. No utility building, storage sheds, or other temporary structures may be placed on the RV site without the written approval of Lessor.  Meter bases must be kept clear and not used as storage areas.
  19. Bikes, water hoses, trailers, toys, etc. should not be left on grass to impede mowing. A fine of $5.00 per item will be enforced.
  20. A pad of pavers must be installed at grass level for golf carts, jet skis, etc. Placement of such must be approved by Lessor in writing.
  21. All vehicles must have a Regal Sticker on the left side of window of the vehicle. Guests are required to have a guest pass.
  22. No guests are allowed if the camper owner is not in Regal Resort.
  23. Golf Carts: Golf carts are permitted in the park subject to rules and regulations as follows:
  24. Drivers of golf carts must be licensed. (This excludes driving permits).
  25. Lessee shall be responsible for all damage caused by golf cart accidents in regard to replacing or repairing all damaged property owned by other RV site Lessees or by the Lessor. The failure of Lessee to pay for these damages within 30 days of occurrence shall be ground for termination of this lease by the Lessor and expulsion from the park.
  26. Golf carts must be in good repair and parked on deck or pavers when not in use.
  27. Insurance is highly recommended.
  28. You must have a Regal Sticker on your golf cart.
  29. Assignability:  This lease and the rights and privileges granted herein may be assigned by the Lessee, subject to the written approval of the Lessor, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  30. Defaults: Incidents of default and Lessor’s right to terminate this lease shall be defined as follows:
  31. Lessee’s failure to pay all rental payments or installments  when due.  The due date for the rent to be paid is May 31 of each year.
  32. There will be a $250.00 late fee for each month the lease is not paid. (Regal Resort Campground)
  33. If rent has not been paid by May 31 of each year, then the lessee, including all relatives and friends, will not be allowed on any Regal Resort property until all monies have been paid in full. If an incident such as this occurs, then it will be considered trespassing.
  34. Lessee’s failure to abide by the terms and provisions of this lease agreement or by any additional park rules and regulations published by the Lessor.
  35. Lessee’s failure to be responsible for themselves or guests that are disruptive or cause any kind of disharmony or ill-will within the park between neighbors or the Lessor (owners/managers of Regal Resort, Inc.) will result in termination of lease immediately with no refund.
  36. Termination and Removal of RV: Should Lessee be in default as defined in Paragraph 7 herein above, Lessor may terminate this lease upon thirty (30) days written notice to Lessee during which time, Lessee shall remove the RV and any other property from the RV site.  If Lessee’s property has not been removed by the Lessee within the thirty day period, Lessee agrees that Lessor shall have the right to remove Lessee’s property from the RV site to Lessor’s designated storage location.  All costs for removal and storage shall be paid by Lessee to Lessor before the property shall be released by the Lessor.  Lessee further agrees that any prepaid rent may be used by Lessor to pay these costs.  Any surplus funds shall be refunded to Lessee.  The cost for the removal of RV will be $1,000.  The cost for the removal of a deck, awning, etc. will be an additional $1,000.00.  The cost of storage will be $50.00 per day.
  37. If the Lessee decides to remove the camper from Regal Resort, there will be a charge of $200 for Regal Resort to pull out the camper.
  38. Taxes:
  39. The Lessee is responsible for the listing and payment of all Town of White Lake and Bladen County taxes assessed on the Park land in Regal.
  40. The Lessee is responsible for the listing and payment of all Town of White Lake and Bladen County taxes assessed against the RV, any RV site structures and all personal property owned by the Lessee.
  41. Utilities: The Lessee is responsible for paying all utilities.  If water/sewer bill is not paid to the Town of White Lake, this will be grounds of termination of your lease and your camper will be removed at the lessee’s expense.  The Lessee is also responsible for their electric bill.  If power is turned off and your camper is for sale, that will be grounds for the camper to be removed from the premises at the Lessee’s expense.
  42. Liability: The Lessor and Lessee agree that the Lessor is not responsible for any loss, damages, accidents, or injuries of any kind, nature, or description occurring on the park premises unless the same occurs as a result of the negligence of the Lessor or its agents or employees.  As to any loss, damages, or injuries caused by the Lessee, including family members and guest, the Lessee agrees to hold the Lessor harmless from all claims or causes of action against the Lessor, if any.
  43. Notices:
  44. All notices required to be sent to Lessee shall be sent by certified mail return receipt requested to:

Regal Resort

1498 White Lake Dr.

White Lake, NC  28337

  1. All notices required to be sent to Lessee shall be sent by certified mail return receipt required to:

Name and Address:





  1. Right to sell: The Lessee has the right to sell the RV located on the RV site with the following conditions:
  2. Only on “For Sale” sign no larger than 24” x 24” shall be allowed on the RV advertising the sale.
  3. A fee of $100.00 shall be paid to Regal Resort pending the sale of the RV.
  4. A professional inspection must be done before the camper is put up for sale. A copy of the inspection must be given to Regal Resort
  5. If your travel camper is 25 years old or older, then it cannot be sold on site. The camper must be pulled off the lot.  Park models are the exception if they are in good condition.
  6. Regal Resort will inspect the camper before it can be sold in the campground. If the camper is not in excellent condition, then you cannot put a for sale sign on your camper and it cannot be sold on site.
  7. The RV will be put on the list of campers for sale, if requested, by the Lessee.
  8. The RV’s will be shown at the request of the Lessee if the RV is on the list of campers for sale.
  9. Showing campers by the Lessor is a courtesy for the Lessee. The Lessor does not have to show a camper.
  10. Regal Resort is not responsible for the sale of or the condition of any RV that is sold by the Lessee. It is advised that anyone interested in buying a camper on site have the camper inspected by a professional.
  11. Potential buyers or buyers must be approved by Regal Resort before the sale of any RV on site. If not, the RV must be removed immediately by the owner of the RV.
  12. Miscellaneous:
  13. The Lessee acknowledges that White Lake is a “Public” lake owned by the State of NC. No lifeguards are provided by the State of NC.  No lifeguards are provided by the Lessor and all swimming in White Lake or the Pond in mobile home park (which is prohibited) shall be at the Lessee’s risk with supervision for children provided by the Lessee.
  14. Lessee further acknowledges that no diving is permitted from the Park piers into White Lake. In signing this lease agreement, Lessee agrees to assume all risks from injuries incurred by family members or guests swimming White lake or Pond or by diving from the pier which extends into White Lake from the RV park.
  15. NO swimming is allowed in the pond in mobile home park known as Lake Olivia.
  16. The Lessee agrees to use the dumpster provided by the Lessor for the disposal of trash and garbage. The lessee agrees not to use dumpsters to dispose of appliances, construction materials, or anything else that is not household garbage.  No outside trash cans shall be permitted on any RV site.  The cost for removal of trash, garbage, or debris from the RV site by the Lessor shall be billed to the Lessee.
  17. While the Lessee is engaged in a lease, but wishes to move RV site or wants to replace existing camper with another camper, a $500.00 moving fee will be charged to Lessee if Lessor approves move request.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF this agreement is signed in duplicate originals and the Lessee acknowledges receiving a copy the day and year first above written:

Regal Resort, Inc.


Lessee:__________________________________, ______________________________________